About Us

Helen Alexander, Senior Consultant and General Manager
of Aged Care Admissions Services has worked in Aged Care
for over 15 years, specialising in the placement and
emotional support of her clients. She is passionate about
ensuring that each individual is correctly placed and cared
for with respect and dignity.

She is a trained Lifeline Counsellor and Lifeline Facilitator,
training new Crisis Support Workers.

Our consultants, are professional and highly trained to assist you every step of the way, reducing the stress and anxiety relating to all the facets of admissions into Residential Aged Care. All information is treated with the strictest of confidentiality and diplomacy.

We cover all of Sydney Metropolitan area.
Aged Care Admissions Services offers a Pre-admission Support Package as well as a Post Admission Support Package to suit your every need or you may wish to choose individual services at an hourly rate.  Take the time to discuss your special requirements with your consultant.