How Do We Support You?

There are a number of services you can choose from to support you through your lifestyle change and the admissions process. You can discuss these in detail at your FREE personalised face to face consultation.

Aged Care Admissions Services offer:

Personalised face to face client contact  
We will come and visit you in the comfort of your home or in hospital.
Your own experienced and professional Aged Care Consultant
You won’t need to deal with numerous
individuals, your personal consultant will be with you every step of the way.
Practical and emotional support
Lifestyle change and moving into Residential Aged Care can be a daunting, stressful and anxious time for you and the family. We will be there to offer not only practical but emotional support to help you deal with each and every part of the process.
Organisation of ACAT and medical evaluations where required
Before entering a Residential Aged Care facility, an Aged Care Assessment is required. This is completed by a member of the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to assess your level of care.
Sourcing of appropriate facilities for available bed vacancies
We will independently and impartially source and recommend appropriate facilities with available bed vacancies, matching your wishes and requirements.

Booking of Aged Care site visits and accompany client to these visits
It can be very time consuming and confusing trying to contact numerous facilities and arrange tours. We will take the stress out of this for you and arrange all the tours at convenient times for you and your family. Your consultant will accompany you on each tour to support you during this often confusing time, highlighting relevant details and options.
Organisation and booking of Respite care
Respite is short term stay in a Residential Aged Care facility, often after a prolonged hospital stay to recoup your strength or family going on holiday and you don’t want to be alone at home.
Assistance with completion of admissions documents and Centrelink relevant documents
Completion of the documentation required by the Residential Aged Care facility and the Centrelink documentation can be a mine field to negotiate. We will assist you with the completion of the forms and submit them to the relevant Departments.

Support on Day of Admission
We understand that your Day of Admission will be filled with mixed emotions, joy, relief, sadness, loss. It will be a different experience for each individual. Your personal consultant, who has been working with you through the entire process, will accompany you to your new place of residence giving you emotional support as well as assistance in unpacking and settling.
Post admissions visits
We want to ensure that you have settled and are feeling comfortable, so your consultant will visit you a few weeks after your admission to check that everything is running smoothly. However, we are just a phone call away and if you need to speak with your consultant prior to their visit, just pick up the phone, we are there for you!

Access to Aged Care Financial Planners
Planning for your future is such an important aspect when thinking of a lifestyle change. Our professional and Aged Care experienced financial planners are there to give you support and advise on the correct way to manage your finances that you have worked so hard for over the years.
Sorting and packing up of personal items
It is often a daunting thought….what will I take with me, what do I need in my new place of residence and what do I dispose of? Your consultant will work with you sorting through this task.